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  I don’t know when I became a farmer, but I was born a hunter-gatherer…. well at least a gatherer.  I have attempted to plant & grow things since I was little & today  I have a small vegetable garden, berry bushes, grape vines, and a few fruit tress.  On the to do list  for today were:  berries…

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Why did the chicken cross the border?

Sandy created beautiful chicken tiles and then broke them on purpose! She carefully wrapped them and packaged them to carry across the border to her large mosaic outdoor project in the mountains of mexico.

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For Two Days I Had a Cat

     For two days I had a cat.  He is a Callejero, a man of the streets, he comes & goes as he pleases and it pleased him to stay with me for two days.  I saw him outside my window so I “meowed” at him, much to my surprise, he stopped & mewed back at…

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Preventing Cracks and Explosions

Cracking in water based clay can be caused by any one of a number of issues, but usually involves one or more of these conditions: * If there is a rigid armature inside that doesn’t collapse while the piece is drying, then the clay will crack around the armature. Solution is to not have an armature inside,…

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