For Two Days I Had a Cat

     For two days I had a cat.  He is a Callejero, a man of the streets, he comes & goes as he pleases and it pleased him to stay with me for two days.  I saw him outside my window so I “meowed” at him, much to my surprise, he stopped & mewed back at me.  So I again meowed, he obliged me with a reply.  I amused myself by continuing our conversation for about 5 minutes until the idea struck me…. “I will tame him & he will be MY cat”.  I got some cheese from the fridge, great Mexican queso fresco, it is like a moist feta but without the bite.  It makes an AMAZING sandwich on pan amarillo with mayo (the Mexican kind with lime juice) and a little Valentina hot sauce.

   I stood in my doorway & meowed.  El Senor mewed back and sat down…. this was going to be easy!  But the minute I took one step outside the door he was gone in a flash.  He ran up over the wall like Neo in the Matrix & disappeared into the forest of the empty lot next door. Damn!  Such a beautiful cat. I cannot even begin to describe his  unique color & markings so I will not even try.  You will have to take my word for it.  I took a few steps in the direction of his escape route & meowed…. off in the distance I heard “mew, mew”. So I doubled meowed back & his mews got closer… he was coming BACK!  He appeared over the wall so I tossed a piece of cheese in his direction, he startled, but didn’t run.  I toss another chunk, a big one hoping he would smell it.  He ate the cheese and a big pile more.  There was a cool mountain breeze that evening that was getting quite strong.  I was cold so I meowed good night & went inside.

   Later that evening friends came over to watch a movie.  We sat eating tacos & a LOUD mewing began echoing up the stairway from our garage.  I peeked over the top of the stairs and there he was, my little vagabond, back for a second helping.  He was standing in the open doorway carelessly left open by daughter.  I thought for sure he was ready to move in & be my mascoto.  I ran for the cheese & the meow-mew ping-pong started & continued for some time.  Then there was a loud noise from the street & he was gone.  People in Mexico do not seem to be very fond of cats and this guy seemed very aware of that fact.  I like cats, I have two at home.  They keep me company & keep me entertained.  I wouldn’t classify myself as being as risk to become a crazy cat lady, but I do think that I will always keep a cat or two.

  I got up early the next morning & meowed to Talachas… I  had given him  a name  by then.   Talachas is one of my favorite Spanish wordsIt means “tire repairs” and I cannot think of a better name for a cat.  I meowed… no reply, louder meow… no reply, loudest possible meow…. faint in the distance I heard “MEW”!  We started a volley of meow-mews and there he was on the other side of the fence looking at me.  I tossed cheese & he ate it.  If I moved he retreated.  We tired of each other & I resumed drinking my coffee & he disappeared into the weeds.

   That was the last time that I saw him.  Every time I went outside to work on my mosaic for the next 3 days I meowed to him.  He never  mewed back.  He is a Callejero, a man of the streets, and he will belong to no one and he will not answer to Talachas.

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  1. Lynn on July 11, 2011 at 11:37 am

    I love gatos!!!

  2. Kathy on July 11, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    A story well written. As a friend of ours would say, there is a lot of symbolism in this tale of independence and letting go of wild things. Feed them, love them and let them go.

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