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I Hate Doing Jobs that Un-do Themselves

   I hate doing jobs that un-do themselves. Weeding, laundry, loading & unloading the dishwasher are a few good expamples of what I am talking about.   Surely the satisfaction of a job well done should last longer than a nano second. I have heard tell that there are people who actually enjoy these tedious, thankless,…

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True Confessions of an Airhead

I forget things & I lose stuff.    Eventhough I can’t remember things, I hate the bother of writing them down.  Those notes just accumulate in huge piles that eventually get lost.  I don’t answer my phone & I hate returning messages.  Sometimes this is a problem, but most often not.  I try to get things…

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Ronald McDonald House Mosaic

Sandy is volunteering to help make the Ronald McDonald House Mosaic for the house in Philadelphia. She is working with a team of volunteers to create a colorful and fun mosaic to welcome the children coming into the house. Anyone who has old tile or new that can donate to this project please contact Sandy…

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I Carry Two Sticks When I Ride

I carry two sticks when I ride & neither one of them is for hitting my horse.  One is a long green twig snapped from a tree on my way out of the barn.  I prefer maple or perhaps sycamore, because they have nice big leaves.  This stick is for whacking flies.  It is a tail…

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Big Goldie's Gonna Make It! Have a Little Faith

   For 14 long days Big Goldie laid at the bottom of our pond.  Not moving & covered with sediment, he just laid there,  day after day.  I waited for the end, when he would float to the top, dead… dread…. if that happens I will have to deal with it.  Then he moved, just enough…

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Meyers-Briggs, Toilet Paper, & Strawberry Jam

What to do when the established & respected authorities tell you who you are and you read the description and think: “no I am not”?  I was recently informed by the famous & irrefutable Meyers-Briggs Personality Type test that I am an  INTP (introverted-intuitive-thinking-perceiving)  personality type and thus belong to a group inhabited by only 1% of the general…

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