Why did the chicken cross the border?

Sandy created beautiful chicken tiles and then broke them on purpose! She carefully wrapped them and packaged them to carry across the border to her large mosaic outdoor project in the mountains of mexico.

The canvas for the Chicken Tree Mosaic mural in Mexico. "Obra Negro", The eye sore BEFORE adding any tile. There is about 600 sqaure feet of wall to complete!

Sketching out the guidelines. Here is the "plan" for the first section of the mosaic. Sandy will use some tile that she made herself and some handmade tile purchased in Mexico.

Chicken tiles set to roost.

The sun boils Sandy's back as she places each little shard of tile in place. She is working from 8am 'til 11 or 12 each day before the hot sun is on her back & directly on the wall. The mortar dries so quickly in the moutnain environment! This is all that she could get done the first day after purchasing her supplies.

Building the chicken tree. End of day 2! Sandy made the figurative tiles at home in her studio & brought them with her to Mexico. The brown tile is hand made Mexican tile which is VERY soft terra cotta with a natural mineral glaze. So easy to break!

Sandy adds some green grassy hills. She got a lot done on day 3 Because Lenny Manual was able to help her! He is a fine artist & is leaving for college on Mondayto study graphic design in Mexico City.

Last day! It looks so much better with grout. The green tile is left-over from Sandy's bathrooms and is making a great "fill" for the hills that she has planned. Sandy has cobalt blue & white tile left over from her kitchen and she purchased some amazing bright turquoise tile . These will be used for the backgroung fill of the sky. The tree is nearly finished. But now Sandy has to return home to Pennsylvania. She'll make more tiles and be back to add more to the amazing Mexican chicken tree project!

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