OH NO! KILN problems!

“It’s a near catastrophe!  My kiln failed to fire yesterday  I was doing a glaze firing on a full load.  Everything in the kiln will be fine, but this means I cannot do another firing until the problem is sorted out….. my electrician is leaving for Mexico on Saturday….. I will need to get parts….. not looking good for an speedy fix.” ~ email from Sandy


I fixed it!  All by my little own self.  The problem was 2 faulty relay switches which I changed out last night & the kiln is ON as we speak 🙂


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  1. smalamed on May 12, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    OK, so here’s the story….. the reason this thing is so serious is because Bob Fulmer, my electrician, is going on a trip to Mexico with my husband. They are leaving on Saturday. I CANNOT wait a week to get this thing fixed, I will simply wither up & die. I had parts over-nighted to me from my good friends at The Ceramic Shop in Philadelphia, BUT I ordered the WRONG parts. OYE! I ordered thermal couples, when I needed relay switches as determined by the toilet paper test, typical. I found a source with the appropriate switches IN STOCK, which apparently, is a rare occurance. Parts will be here TUESDAY in time for open studio, Bob’s Son,Bill, will install them that day & life can go back to normal. Breathe, huge sigh of relief 🙂 I enjoy commas, Sandy

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