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It's a Long Drop from the Nest

So where to begin? My two girls are growing up, can’t deny nor avoid the truth of it. But, I don’t have to like it, or do I? I look at them and think, wow, what amazing women they are turning out to be…. but the instinct to hover & protect them is very strong.…

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I Shouldn't Have Waited so Long

Yesterday, after thinking about it for two months, I sat down to practice the techniques I learned in a sculpting lesson. I wish I had done this sooner as my carefully studied & practiced skills are now a distant blur. My fingers struggle to comply with the instructions shouted by my brain.  The skills are…

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Tope-Landia: Adventures in Traveling by Taxi In Oaxaca, Mexico

Have you ever hit a tope (speed bump) at 40mph in a car with NO suspension? If not, you have never taken a Taxi in Oaxaca, Mexico. Well, I can’t be sure if he was really doing 40 because I couldn’t help but notice that the speedometer was non-functional. I remembered this taxi driver from…

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