I need a new cell phone, I really do. I am not a technology whore. The cell phone that I own no longer rings and even I, a hater of phone conversations, must admit that this has rendered my already antiquated unit useless. This has been going on for about a month now, so I haven’t given in without a fight. I really do not want to give up my relic.

I have my reasons, for one, I still haven’t learned how to fully operate the phone that I have. The idea of starting from scratch is tiresome. But the real reason I am clinging to this hunk of junk is that I don’t want to lose my “scrap book” of text messages from my girls.

There are 68 of them that I have been holding on to. All little glimpses into the lives of my babies. I have always saved every card or note that they have written to me. I read them from time to time when I need a reminder that they are OK, I have done an OK job raising them. These texts are somehow special though, because they weren’t written out of a Mother’s Day obligation. They are random, more sincere, less contrived, real. They make me smile, offer me reassurance, and make me laugh. I really do read them!

When I get my new phone they will all be lost to some landfill. A new phone has been ordered…… for a second time. I got a little reprieve from my text message separation anxiety because a new phone arrived for me last week, but was damaged & had to be returned. A new phone should be arriving any day now, sigh.

My idea is to preserve some of my favorites here, for all eternity. You might read them & say “these are dumb” or I can’t believe the filth that comes out of that girl’s mouth”. I don’t care because they mean something to me. They preserve the sincerity & innocence of communication between my girls & I.  Guilty, I am a saver of things, sentimental, hopelessly nostalgic.


Lauren: “Any ribs left? Also, Johnnie is wigging out” July 15, 4:14 pm
Elena: “I looooove you!” thanks for Pj’s lol July 13, 7:15 pm
Lauren: “I miss you momma” April 28, 12:09 am
Lauren; “I’m so glad some Spanish guy thought of this” – Elena (on ceasar salad)
Lauren: “See that? that was poor execution” – Elena breaking crouton in half with her fork”  Jan 8 2:51pm
Lauren: “Bryn Mawr is my school heaven” Jan 16, 2:10 pm
Lauren: “you’re creepy” Dec. 16 2:23 pm
Lauren: “love you too home skillet” Aug 27 12:33 pm
Elena: “you’re so awesome & im dfj dying” May 14 9:39 am
Lauren: “honey, i’m a star. <3″ Apr 22 1:24 pm
Elena: ” ;D ” Mar 10 2:18 pm
Lauren: “Get a shit ton of wings. People will be really hungry” Mar 10, 11:17 am
Lauren: “I love you” Jan 13, 1:20 pm
Lauren: ” Oh my god! my interview couldn’t have done any better. the woman said she “couldn’t wait” to read my application. she loved me” Sept 29 3:43pm
Lauren: “BAM! I just kicked that interview’s ass” Sept 27 3 :31 pm
Elena: “nooooooo! havong fun!” Feb 26 3:54 pm
Lauren; “hey mom! i wore the shirt you gave me w/ the monster eating records 2 school. got lots of compliments. roasted hot dogs & marshmallows with kyle today. miss you” Dec 6, 10:17pm
Elena: “hi its elena good night mom!” Dec 6 10:06 pm
Elena: “I miss you too” Dec 3, 11:12 pm

Amongst the others are 25 “I love yous” sprinkled with “I miss yous”. Ok, I’m ready now.

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  1. katdazzle on July 16, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    Being a Mommy is all worth it when you get texts like that!

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